Come Back from the Desert (1989 - 1994)

Silver gelatine18x24 cm set on an acid free support and framed 40x40 cms.

The forced insertion of a political project and its trace on a marginal area, into the plain’s blurred boundaries. The dispossessions of an attempt on the last added area.

The technique, which is a lasting experimental work to get the desired effect, is linked to the concept itself. The negatives were buried in the same desert land where they were taken.

By Rodrigo Alonso (*)
Joaquín Rodríguez works mistreating the photographic support. In his words “I work with a handcrafted technique, using the chemical process of traditional photography. The singularity of this lies on subjecting the reels to a series of mistreatments during the process. This consists on adding to them the same desert’s dust. The sepia final result is achieved by a lengthy exposure to the burning sun of the same desert”.

As the artist himself claims, his procedures distance themselves from those formulated by traditional photography. The handcrafted process makes these images unique by ripping their multiplicity record off. This procedure limits the author due to the fact that he is not able to reproduce twice the same exact image. The fate is as responsible as him for the trails we attribute to the author.

“Imágenes Intermitentes, Arte Argentino Contemporáneo”. (Lima, Perú 2005).
(*) Critic and curator. Teacher UBA / IUNA / UNSAL / MEDAC Barcelona. Member of AACA and AICA.

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