The wind's Book (1995 – 2000)

Silver gelatine on a 35x31 cm álbum made from original material which was recovered from 1920’s.

The power to turn everything into fleeting it is ascribed to the wind. It has the ability to erase traces, to take words away, to invalidate engagements and to raze desires.

By Cecilia Rabossi:
“That discontinued time is seen in the work The Wind Book from Joaquin Rodriguez. By means of photography as his language, he ventures into the Pampa, into the desert. Although we can find human trace in his works, the objects found by the author have lost their purpose and they have turned into “whimsical sculptures inside a vast sand and routes sea”, as pointed by Celina Roca. Rodriguez uses aging techniques; he “mistreats” the reel by exposing it to the desert dust or to the sun light. As Rodrigo Alonso states, “The fate is as responsible as the author for the trails we assign to the author”. Because of this complex procedure describe above the works turn into unique pieces of art which are conceived as objects. The horizon is a constant presence in all the works, but the author chooses a point of view where the distribution of sky and land is balanced.”

(*) Critic and curator for “Argentina Pinta Bien”, Buenos Aires 2008.

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